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Video Part of the month

This edition of Video part of the month comes from Sidewalk's YouTube page, in the form of a tribute to one of the best skate spots that England has to offer... Lloyds, Bristol. I've had the pleasure of skating there on many occasions and would say it is most definitely one of the dopest spots in this country. It has a huge area in the middle for flat land, ledges surrounding the parameter in an Amphitheater shape. The most iconic obstacle is the BIG THREE and it is big!!! You can also just pop up the individual steps and do the mini stair gaps or a little drop down ledge so there are multiple obstacles to suit all abilities of...

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Snowboarding has very much been viewed as something of a modern pastime, but the guys at Patagonia have set out to dispel that myth!   A movie by Patagonia documenting the most unlikely origins of the Snowboard movement in the foothills of Turkey.   This window into a rich cultural beginning for riding a wooden board on snow is simply delightful. It gives you an instant sense of adventure and leaves you wondering about the secret origins of many other modern pastimes. Watch the movie for yourself on Youtube and get hyped for your very own back country adentures.

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